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Akshat is a software engineer, product designer and the co-founder of Scrutify. He's an experienced Linux professional and the senior editor of this blog. He is also an open-source contributor to many projects on Github and has written several technical guides on Linux. Apart from that, he’s also actively sharing his ideas and tutorials on Medium and Attirer. As the editor of this blog, Akshat brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to provide readers with valuable insights and advice on a wide range of Linux-related topics.

Education Summary

He has completed his undergraduate degree from MIT, where he excelled in his studies, particularly in the fields of computer science and engineering. His time at MIT not only equipped him with a solid foundation in technical knowledge but also honed his problem-solving skills and ability to innovate. As part of his degree program, he engaged in several projects and research initiatives, which included developing advanced algorithms and working on cutting-edge technologies. His academic achievements were complemented by his active participation in extracurricular activities, including tech clubs and student-led conferences, further demonstrating his well-rounded abilities and commitment to his field of study.

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